Transforming Africa™

In 1878 the Welsh-American explorer and journalist, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, wrote the book "Through the Dark Continent". For over a century since, Africa has been referred to as the Dark Continent. When people think of Africa they typically associate it with stagnation, poverty, disease and misery. For these reasons, Africa is considered by many as a dark place and neglected as an opportunity.

However, at The Gold Continent we see the wealth and vibrant economic life that Africa possesses. Gold is associated with wealth. Therefore, we named our company The Gold Continent.   


Our purpose is to transform the perception of Africa to the reality of a wealthy continent, full of opportunity for everyone to grow and prosper.



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Every day millions of people throughout the continent engage in business and economic activity in order to survive and thrive. However, most of this economic activity is conducted in the informal economy, where the value they create is not formally recognized. This informal economic activity creates "dead capital". Dead capital cannot be leveraged to create its maximum wealth potential.

There are several reasons why people do not formalize their assets, including: 

  • Current productivity and revenues of informal businesses is not enough to justify the costs and efforts required to formalize.

  • Lack of records and difficulty retrieving information about people’s property and business assets makes many transactions difficult.

  • Less than 40% of informal businesses have bank accounts vs almost 90% of formal businesses.

  • Innovative solutions are required to help people transition from the informal to formal economy.

The Gold Continent develops innovative solutions using data technology that help people overcome the problems which prevent them transitioning from the informal to the formal economy, as well as grow further once they are formalized.


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Raw Data

Information about people's Properties and Businesses are collected, categorized and stored as raw data.

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The raw data is then processed into records that can be used to do more transactions with formal businesses.

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Create Value

Provide your records to formal businesses to make transactions more efficient and create more value immediately.


Formalize Assets

People can now justify the costs and effort required to formalize their assets, creating maximum value.


Gold Data Platform​™ provides two main benefits, immediately:

  1. Enable people to easily create digital records of their assets safely and cost effectively.

  2. Enable corporate enterprises and people with informal assets to start doing more transactions immediately by making information and records readily available "on the fingertips".

The first step is creating verified Records of information about people's Property and Business assets. 

Gold Data Platform™ enables everyone to create Records of their informal or formal Property and Business assets easily.

  • Easy to Use

  • Web Access (Cell Phone, Tablet and Computer)

  • Low Subscription Fee

  • Safe and Secure



The Gold Data Platform™ is available for people to create Records of their Properties and Businesses in order to use that information immediately in day-to-day transactions to create more value, and eventually justify formalizing their assets.

Property Assets

Business Assets

  • Over 90% of properties are informal.

  • Capture information about the property and owners to create Property Records.

  • Property Records can immediately be used to make day-to-day transactions easier.

  • Formalize the Properties so people can leverage them for mortgages, buy & sell them, settle ownership disputes etc. to improve their livelihoods.

  • Up to 70% of of micro and small businesses are informal.

  • Capture information about the business and owners to create Business Records.

  • Business Records can immediately be used to make day-to-day transactions easier.

  • Formalize the Businesses so owners can leverage them for financing to invest in growing the business.